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Cleburn Street Well Superfund National Priorities List (NPL) Site

EPA Identifier: NED981499312
CERCLIS ID: NED981499312
40.925139, -98.347778

Grand Island, NE

Final Date: 19921014

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Federal Register Notice:  October 14, 1992

Conditions at Proposal (July 29, 1991): The Cleburn Street Well is a contaminated municipal water supply well located at the intersection of Cleburn and North Front Streets in the City of Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska. Tests conducted in 1986 by the Nebraska Department of Health (NDOH) detected tetrachloroethene (PCE) in the well, which has been disconnected from the municipal water supply. Subsequent tests by NDOH and EPA have repeatedly shown traces of PCE in other Grand Island municipal wells. The municipal system, which consists of 12 wells within the city limits and 12 wells in the Platte River Island Well Field southeast of the city, serves 38,500 people. Another 1,100 residents not served by the system draw water from shallow private wells. Food and forage crops are irrigated by 333 wells within 4 miles of the Cleburn Street Well.

A soil-gas investigation conducted in September 1988 by EPA detected PCE in three areas. Four potential sources may be associated with these areas: Nebraska Solvent Co. and three dry cleaners -- One Hour Martinizing Dry Cleaner, Ideal Cleaners, and Liberty Cleaners & Shirt Launderers. The four have used or stored chlorinated solvents in their operations. EPA continues to search for additional sources of the PCE contamination of the Cleburn Street Well.

Status (October 1992): As part of a Remedial Investigation, EPA installed monitoring wells, sampled the wells, and collected soil samples in the spring of 1992. The results will be presented in the Remedial Investigation Report scheduled to be available in late 1992. The report will determine which actions, if any, are necessary to clean up the site.

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Ground Water
Limit Ground Water Use Activities
LIMIT GROUND WATER USE ACTIVITIES (p.3) Prohibited Groundwater Uses (A) Groundwater pumped from wells within the Groundwater Control Area shall not be used for any human consumption including drinking water cooking, washing or other household uses Because groundwater from wells within the groundwater control area may be contaminated and present a hazard to the health safety and welfare of persons exposed to said water any known human consumption of groundwater from wells within the Groundwater Control Area is a violation of this Article and is declared a public nuisance subject to abatement as provided hereafter (B) This Article shall not apply to uses of groundwater pumped from wells within the Groundwater Control Area which do not involve human consumption including, but not limited to non-contact cooling water for industrial, commercial or residential uses and watering of vegetation other than gardens, plants and trees producing food for human consumption ?35-65 Well Registration (A) All wells for which drilling has commenced or existing within the Groundwater Control Area as of the effective date of this Article shall be registered with the Building Inspection Department by the person owning the real estate on which the well is located There shall be no fee for registering an existing well (B) After the effective date of this Article, no person shall drill or install a well within the Groundwater Control Area prior to applying for and obtaining a well permit from the Building I Inspection Department There shall be a nonrefundable fee of $50 00 paid to the Building Inspection J Department contemporaneously with making an application for a well permit
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