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EPA Identifier: 110009286138
CERCLIS ID: 110009286138
37.05166, -97.05166

HWY 166 S

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Update Date: 02-JUL-09
Final Date: 19960301

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Federal Register Notice:  September 08, 1983

Conditions at listing (October 1981): The Arkansas City Dump, Cowley County, Kansas, was once the location of the Millikan Refining Co., which was destroyed by an explosion in the mid-1920s. Refinery wastes remained on about 5 acres. There was also a series of ponds holding aqueous wastes and covering about 5 acres, plus 0.5 acre of ponds that have been filled in. The site is near the Arkansas River. Analyses detected trace amounts of toxic organic compounds (polynuclear aromatics) in ground water near the disposal areas. Most of the site is owned by a local development corporation and by Arkansas City. It has been divided into tracts and sold to small businesses.

In July 1981, EPA awarded a $44,700 Cooperative Agreement to Kansas, under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. The funds are for a remedial investigation to determine the type and extent of contamination at the site and a feasibility study to identify alternatives for remedial action.

This is the top priority site in Kansas.

Status (July 1983): In August 1982, EPA added $130,000 to the Cooperative Agreement. The remedial investigation was completed in the first quarter of 1983. The feasibility study is scheduled to be completed in mid-1984.

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Prohibit Any Activity that May Disturb the Integrity of an Engineering Control
PROHIBIT ANY ACTIVITY THAT MAY DISTURB THE INTEGRITY OF AN ENGINEERING CONTROL (Restrictive Covenant) NOW THEREFORE, Declarant hereby states and declares that the following actions or activities are prohibited and shall not be allowed on the Premises without the advance written permission of EPA and KDHE: 1. To remove waste material or hazardous substances left at the Site at the conclusion of EPA's remedial actions at the Site. 2. To transport to or dispose, abandon, or place waste material, hazardous substances, or solid wastes at the Site. 3. To remove, alter or damage the "No Dumping" signs installed by EPA at the Site. 4. To construct structures, permanent or otherwise, such as buildings through the soil cap installed by EPA as part of the remedial actions at the Site. 5. To change or alter drainage or surface water flow patterns onto or from the Site. 6. To cause, by pumping, extracting or injecting water, a drop or rise in the water table of more than 1.0 foot. 7. To extract ground water for domestic use or consumption or for use in food preparation or handling. 8. To remove or damage elevation monuments or monitoring wells left at the Site by EPA to monitor the continued effectiveness of the remedial actions implemented by EPA. 9. To produce food or crops at the Site for human or animal consumption, or to produce food or crops using water or soil from the site for human or animal consumption. 10. To alter, modify or remove the vegetative cover installed at the Site by EPA in the remedial actions. 11. To use herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, or other agricultural chemicals which are not approved for use by EPA for this site or to use such products in a manner inconsistent with label instructions. 12. To bring heavy equipment vehicles onto the Premises. 13. To store commercial products or chemicals on the property in quantities other than those which are necessary for the day-to-day operations of any EPA and KDHE approved occupants, if any. 14. To bring gravel or any small (1-inch or less in diameter) rock onto the site.
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