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Site Summary:
Federal Register Notice:  July 22, 1987

Conditions at proposal (June 10, 1986): The Hunts Disposal Landfill covers approximately 82 acres on County Line Road and Foley Road in Caledonia, Wisconsin. The site is an old sand and gravel pit that was first permitted in 1959 as a dump by the Racine County Board of Adjustments. Between 1959 and 1974, under a number of owners, the landfill accepted municipal and industrial wastes. In 1970, it was licensed by the State to accept noncombustible trash, garbage, and wooden material. Waste Management of Wisconsin, Inc., purchased the landfill in December 1974 from Caledonia Corp. Landfill, which had acquired it in January 1972 when it was operating as Hunts Disposal Landfill. Waste Management immediately stopped accepting wastes, then graded the site, covered it with 2 feet of sandy earth, and seeded it. No topsoil was added.

In August 1976, the Racine County Parks Department purchased the property and in 1982, with Waste Management, started remedial work, including repairing erosion damage, sealing leachate seeps, and revegetating the site. These activities were in response to a request made by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR).

In 1984, the City of Oak Creek, at the request of WDNR and in response to a proposal to construct a drainage channel in the vicinity of the site, installed three shallow monitoring wells. Samples of ground water, along with surface water, soil, and sediment, were collected. WDNR detected iron, manganese, and chromium in ground water, and PCB-1242, cadmium, and tin in soil.

Soil on the site is permeable, which facilitates the movement of contaminants into ground water. About 2,300 people draw drinking water from private wells within 3 miles of the site.

The site borders the Root River in a sparsely populated area. The river is used for recreational activities.

Status (July 22, 1987): EPA has conducted a search for companies and individuals potentially responsible for wastes associated with the site. In late March 1987, EPA sent them general notice letters informing them of their potential liability. EPA is negotiating with the parties for them to conduct a remedial investigation/feasibility study to determine the type and extent of contamination at the site and identify alternatives for remedial action.

Institutional Controls:
Media Where IC Applies
(Multiple entries where more than one pathway is impacted)
Restriction Type Instrument
Prohibit Any Activity that May Disturb the Integrity of an Engineering Control
(p. 27-28) There shall be no use of, or activity at, the property that may interfere with the work performed or to be performed under the Consent Decree at the property, or any activity which may damage any remedial action component contracted for or installed pursuant to the Consent Decree or otherwise impair the effectiveness of any work to be performed pursuant to the Consent Decree; There shall be no installation, construction, removal or use of any building, wells, pipes, roads, ditches, or any other structures at the property except as approved by the U.S. EPA as consistent with the Consent Decree;
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Document Issuance, Implementation  August 19, 1992  [42 pages, 4,252.2Kb   ]
Ground Water
Limit Ground Water Use Activities
(p. 27) There shall be no consumptive or other use of the groundwater underlying the property.
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Document Issuance, Implementation  August 19, 1992  [42 pages, 4,252.2Kb   ]