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EPA Identifier: 110009348740
CERCLIS ID: 110009348740
42.8502, -71.9654

RT. 202

Create Date: 01-MAR-00
Update Date: 07-FEB-13
Final Date: 19840921

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Federal Register Notice:  September 21, 1984

Conditions at listing (September 1983): The South Municipal Water Supply Well in Peterborough, New Hampshire, serves about 4,600 people. Routine sampling of the water supply by the State detected volatile organic compounds, including 1,1,1-trichloroethane, carbon tetrachloride, 1,1-dichloroethane, and trichloroethylene. Similar compounds were detected in adjacent surface waters. Further investigation is needed to identify the source(s) and determine the extent of contaminant migration.

Status (June 1984): The State is planning to conduct a limited hydrogeologic investigation at the site during the summer of 1984.

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expand Ground Water
Limit Ground Water Use Activities
(pg 5) ยง245-14. Groundwater Protection Overlay Zone A. Purpose The purposes of this ordinance are to: protect public health, safety, and general welfare; preserve,maintain, and protect from contamination existing and potential groundwater supply areas; and protect surface waters that are fed by groundwater and/or recharge groundwater supplies. These purposes are to be accomplished by regulating land uses that could contribute pollutants to designated wells and/or aquifers identified as being needed for present and/or future public water supply.
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Document Issuance, Implementation  May 12, 2009  [13 pages, 722.5Kb   ]
Ground Water
Limit Ground Water Use Activities
No ground water shall he extracted from beneath the Premises using ground water extraction wells installed on the Premises or other ground water extraction systems installed on the Premises for purposes other than carrying out the remedy specified in the ROD (as amended by the First ESD and the Second ESD) (the "Remedy"), unless the extracted ground water meets or is treated to appropriate use standards specified by the EPA (in consultation with the State of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services), and the extraction of the ground water does not adversely affect the Remedy.
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Document Issuance, Implementation  October 21, 1999  [4 pages, 160.2Kb   ]